Internet Business Division
KDTS is focusing particular attention on Internet-related products while keeping a close eye on the future of IT. We are constantly responding to the needs of our users with increasingly sophisticated Internet -related products through the deployment of the latest technical capabilities
Construction of web sites, e-commerce and portal sites
Production of web contents
Java servlet, Java applet, CGI, C++, Active X

Device Business Division
We are engaged in the development of software able to extract the maximum capabilities of hardware not only from a technical perspective, but from the standpoint of the user as well. We are one of the few firms in Japan having the technology that enables full-scratch development (development without the use of simple development tools.) This technology is superior not only with respect to superficial functions, but also with respect to reliability and safety. Instead of being based on the concept of simply a driver installed in hardware, our development activities are always conducted from the standpoint of the user.
Equipment -incorporated firmware (printers, PC peripherals, home appliances, etc.)
Development of device drivers and virtual drivers

Customer Business Division
This division is engaged in the development of products to match the needs of customers. Our development efforts go beyond what the customers asks for in developing various sizes of systems, including the accumulation of technology that we have developed over the course of past achievements and the submitting of proposals to customers from innovative technical perspectives. We provide the optimum solution from the standpoint of the customer. We hope that we will have the opportunity to allow our original and new concepts and technologies to be of use in the businesses of our customers.
Emulation library
Client server database systems
Specialized business applications
POS systems

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