Within your organization, you may have a number of employees work in various departments. Those persons should have unequal permission in accessing some confidential information of organization or even some data of other departments such as marketing plan of marketing department or manpower information of human resources department. This information can not be reviewed to unauthorized employees. FileLocker can protect your confidential information in special virtual drive and hide it from searching. The other users will not even see hidden files or the whole drive. Only permitted person can open or close virtual drive with his fingerprints. No need to worry about stealing information, stealing your password or whatever method.

What is FileLocker?
Filelocker is fingerprint authentication software application developed by KDTS Co., Ltd. to use with ID Mouse from Siemens. It is the useful tool to protect your private document files or even the whole folders from unauthorized persons from accessing your data on the PC and Server. At any PC in the same network of your organization, FileLocker will completely hide the whole drives and cannot be viewed or accessed by any person unless the authorized user uses his fingerprints to open the locked drives.
Upon accessing any protected drives, just click program icon and then the small windows asking for fingerprint shows on the screen. If valid fingerprint enter into ID Mouse, the hidden drive or virtual drive will appear and that authorized user can access to his data in virtual drive, otherwise not. Virtual drive is like the simulate drive created in client PC but actually memory or the data user create or modify is stored in server. Therefore, after opening virtual drive, operate data until closing virtual drive, data will be sent back to restore at server. This guarantee that your data will be protected in server. No need to back up and you will ever lose your data. Convenience to access from any PC in same network of your organization.

Protect from file checking. Drives or Folders locked or hide with FileLocker are unable to access or search by Windows Explorer, any other program or even operating system.

Convenience and secure data. Data operated in virtual drive appear in that PC is actually stored in server so you can access your data from any PC in the same network which have ID Mouse and install FileLocker.

Multiple accesses from many clients PC via network. To enhance more security, serial number will be newly generated by KDTS Co., Ltd. Serial number is necessary for installation as well as un-installation in order to avoid unintentional remove program.

Provide selected options of security level for checking users during install program by checking fingerprint only, either checking fingerprint and password, or checking password only.

Virtual drive is able to administrate by dividing into many drives such as drive e, drive f, etc. to serve different purposes, different employees for security level.

Able to limit usage to use the same virtual drive among all authorized employees such as read only, writes, etc.

Virtual drives kept in HDD Server are encoded all time with unique technique.

In the world of globalization, computer becomes the key tooling you use for work in everyday life. You may have a number of employees in organization who have different permission in accessing system or some kinds of data. How can you monitor these employees 'operations or behaviors in using PCs all the time? For example, often the information is stolen on various business but the criminal cannot be arrested even we know who he is because of no evidence to accuse or employees may not be allowed to use computer in improper way or time. How can you check or monitor their operations direct or indirectly but they do not know?
If you are looking for such kind of system, we proudly introduce you our own developed system named "IllegalView". You will get the most investment profits from the advantage of this system especially monitoring, controlling and security.

IllegalView is the system for the main purpose of monitoring, controlling and security. For the operations on client by capturing and recording all screen pictures for selected client or the whole clients existing in network to monitor user's operations all time. Users are not conscious that they are being monitored their operations or behavior while using computer. Recording will be continuously performed even that client is disconnected from network for some times. Administrator or authorized person can view the history which is record in term of text file or video mode. Moreover IllegalView was designed to have user-friendly functions such as Window display, easy to read summary report shown the executed files, computer resources, etc

Users are not aware that they are monitored because program automatically starts up and hides itself. Program can't be closed by normal operation.
Record screen pictures of client PCs. It can be viewed picture by picture or by video display including tool bars to play, pause, stop, etc. History video and data also can be play backed from remote PC.

Offline recording. Recording will be continuously performed even client is disconnected from network for some times as long as free space on hard disk or depend on setting.

Save all data to MS Access Database (.mdb). This enhances effectiveness of search system such as searching for client, application, date and time.

Client recording configuration. You can select the picture quality, period of taking pictures and limit space (offline record setting only). This setting can be done via remote PC as well.

Manage multiple servers from remote PC. You can access and manage server from remote PC such as add/remove server, password setting and changing connecting status.

User management and authorization. You can add/remove user and define authority such as searching, seeing history or changing configuration.
Support dynamic IP of clients. System still can detect that client even IP address change.

Record computer resource changing. System detects the current resources both hardware and software existing in each client PC. Any changing occur, change will be reported in Resources History section.

Inter-process data recording. This function support receiving data sent from co-programs developed by KDTS Co., Ltd or by our partners. For example, Illegal View will receive and record fingerprint information of authorized user who log in FileLocker program. This is the higher step for security strategy plan.

Data storage management. Provide cleaning old video data and storage size options.

Complete summary report. Report section composes many kinds of recording information. You can playback video history, application usage in a time, client status, current resources and history of resources change and inter-process data recording. You can also see the record pictures while those applications are opened. Moreover, summary report can be exported to excel format for printing or other purposes.
Working Manager

Biometrics is defined as the use of unique identifying characteristics such as fingerprints to distinguish individuals from one another. Fingerprints have been used for more than 100 years in law enforcement agencies to identify criminals, and have begun to see increased use in recent years in more civil and commercial applications worldwide such as state welfare systems, national census programs, access to buildings and other secure facilities, information security and other applications where positive identification is of great importance
Time Attendance has always been a problem in some industries and labor is one of the most costly expenses in any business operation. How do you control those costs? Working Manager can effectively eliminate problem with "buddy punching" by ensuring that employee is present. Working Manager is a system specifically designed for the small to mid-size business by combining the technique of fingerprints verification with the function of ID Mouse to verify employee for time attendance and deliver the valuable information for payroll calculation. In other word, Working Manager acts as an electronics punch card including payroll system.

How it works
A fingerprint is scanned, converted its image including some employees' data into an archive, and then stored on a computer database for further process such as enrollment (fingerprint registration) and verification (Log in/out). A person places his or her finger at a sensor reader of ID Mouse and the fingerprint image is compared with the stored archive. KDTS CO., LTD has developed a verification system that uses the pattern of the finger rather than a print. The actual fingerprint image is never stored, and cannot be constructed from archive. It ensures the security of data protection.
ID Mouse which sensors are incorporated into the functionality of a mouse uses the technology of onto-mechanical image sensor to capture high contrast, high resolution fingerprint images that are virtually distortion-free. ID Mouse is programmed to accept only fingerprints verified by the system, assess is denied to any unauthorized persons. The crucial factor is that every fingerprint is unique and personal. ID Mouse with the fingerprint sensor is the most advanced security device currently available. Sensor is the most advanced security device currently available.

1) No time cards to issue, replace when lost or stolen, or recover when an employee leaves or is terminated.

2) No more problems of employees "buddy punching" for their friends using time cards. It can prevent cheating of time attendance recording due to fingerprint is unique and personal. Only that employee can record his time attendance.

3) Decrease manual operation for Human Resources officer. Once employees' time attendance is recorded and kept in database, data is taken to calculate payroll automatically. No more data entry errors when calculating payroll of recording.

4) High protection. Log file of employees' time attendance will be encrypted before sending to keep in database at server. Even administrator can not correct or edit this data.

5) Easy and convenient for every level of users such as employees, administrator and authorized person. Provide registration for two fingers. Employee can use either finger to clock in/out. In case of one finger injure, employee can use another finger for clock.

6) Remote register or time recording is applicable because of network connection. Employee can register fingerprint (1'st time) or clock in/out at any branches of company. No need to go/come back to Head office to record time attendance.

First, each employee is "enrolled" in the system. During enrollment, three finger images are taken. The sensor averages the results of the three images. This average reading becomes the initial master record or "archive" for that employee's finger. Any two fingers are required to register for one employee.
The enrollment process takes one or two minutes for each employee. Because three readings are done, most employees are already familiar with the proper way to use ID Mouse before using for time attendance recorder. Working Manger software contains an archive management system, which stores all archives on a central database. The archive management system eliminates the need to re-enroll employees whenever a terminal or client is added. Archives can be exchanged between central database and other sites (for example, to accommodate employee transfers). In other words, employee can enroll or record time attendance at any branch office.


Are you still keying your password in front of everybody?
Can you type as fast as the light speed?
How many passwords do you have to remember?

Those who type password in public are often seen. At the present, password using in Internet Banking or Network Stock Trading is related to money. There are many various kinds of crimes such as billing even we don't order or debit account from using credit card, etc.
Just imagine, if we find out character on keyboard for keying password while someone is looking, possibly he does all things instead of you. Password is the only one method to recognize you on internet or network. Supposing someone else performing as you dishonestly, then LicenseGear is the software which inputs a password automatically with a fingerprint. Therefore it is not necessary to write password somewhere as a memo or set password in term of birthday for easily memorizing. You can set long password at random or separate altogether because LicenseGear and your fingerprint would memorize you.

ID mouse with the Fingertip sensor of Siemens realized easy and advanced security system at a low price. The fingerprint collation based on the biometrics attestation which cannot be imitated by any means. ID Mouse samples one or more fingerprints and checks them against those of authorized users stored in the system. As the ID Mouse is programmed to accept only the fingerprints verified by the system, access is denied to any unauthorized persons. Logging into system, the fingerprint collation is completed only by touching the fingerprint sensor of ID mouse without inputting complicated ID and password, but it directly attests user by itself. The crucial factor is that every fingerprint is unique and personal. Moreover, since it is special designed mouse, other peripheral equipment and external power supplies are unnecessary.

The feature of LicenseGear
LicenseGear not only inputs the password of the usual application automatically but also input the password of homepage which http description was carried out on a browser.
For LicenseGear, whatever has password used with a personal computer(except login), it inputs password automatically.
In case of login, it is possible to input automatically with ID mouse software. The automatic input of all passwords can be performed now)

Fingerprint attestation
Since full correspondence is carried out at the Siemens ID mouse, it is possible to use a fingerprint instead of the input of a password. In preparation for the unexpected accident, two or more registration is possible for one user's fingerprint. (Up to a maximum of ten fingers)
Simplicity, anyone can use
Registration of a password is very easy. In the case of an application, an icon is moved to the screen which inputted the password, and it specifies a password input screen. In the case of a browser, a page registration button is clicked on the page which inputted the password.

Completed management function
Password information is encrypted which can not be seen. It is also possible to edit the registered content. In case of workgroup usage such as inside of the company, data distribution in the state where the password was registered beforehand is possible. Information can be shared in the environment where LAN cannot be used, by distributing the registered data, without using LicenseGear Server.

Use of server
When use in the whole company is considered, we recommend you introduction of LicenseGear Server. Since a user name, a password, etc. are managed by one server, management becomes very easy.

KTSS Login

It does not limit use environment
The effective solution which can use any type of PC. It can protect not only desktop PC but also notebook PC. We assume various cases such as in transit, connecting with network, etc. We establish security not only application and client-server system but also internet and intranet.

Consider the correspondence in the unexpected situation

Do not consider an exception; we propose the structure which can respond by any cases.

Recently, the notebook PC is spread. Many employees usually bring their PC back to their home. It is increased the possibility of thief. To say nothing of strengthening anti-crime prevention, it effective the method of enciphering data so that it cannot use even if the data was stolen.

Although it is important to prevent the invasion from the outside with security system such as a fire wall, the actual condition still allows invasion from a security hole. When extraordinary trouble such as abnormalities of data traffic and disconnecting of network happened, it is necessary to consider that someone hacking a data. Encryption is effective as well as a measure to a theft.

Data leaking
This is the most difficult take defensive measure conventionally, and it is the greatest course which data leaking outside. In this individual authentication which can be spoofing, injustice cannot be punished clearly. It is difficult to judge business and private use with a program. The person who understands the present work can make a judgment clearly. The simplest method is surveillance by the video camera. However, since equipment is expensive and the quantity of the videotape to store becomes huge, it is impossible to supervise all work with a video camera.

Password leaking
We can use a system in anywhere now by the dissemination of Internet and Intranet. However, it means that anyone cans "spoofing" if he knows a password. It is most effective to change the system of a password basically. However, changing full system needs a great deal of money and you have to change all infrastructure. Although it is effective and not need a lot of expense to complicate a password and to change regularly, it may place many burdens on the person who operate the system.

The possibility of a data leakage in the company
Client-Server system
It can apply strong security.
Server room is heavily guarded and it is difficult to steal data directly.
It cannot even perform seeing data, unless it is from an exclusive system.
Small important data which is easy to be overlooked
Data which created by Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc
The data is lax on security.
They are saved on the file server and easy to connect.
Although it is important data, but it is lax on security because of it can use easily.
Which range can we maintain security with a password? ?Internet / Intranet
We usually use "User name" and "Password" for authentication.
It is useful but it is very easy to be a "spoofing".
Since it use a browser, it is restricted that it can do.

Adopt KTSS Login
The access methods to data differ for every company. They can choose a required function for what
correspondence is most suitable for every company.

Recording operation server (Illegal View)

File encryption server (FileLocker)
When user need to access to the important file, it can identify user by
fingerprint and corporation with illegal View directly (protect data) or indirectly (monitoring operating screen)

Automatic password input server (LicenseGear)
To replace the system which manage password from password to fingerprint, it will be easy to change password. Then administrator can change the long password frequently, user doesn't feel any burden. It can operate without telling a password to user every time. There is no fear of a stealing password. If someone try to access by password, not using fingerprint,
it is clearly distinguishable.

Application start-up control server (AppliLocker)
It can set up the user who authenticated with fingerprint and was given an authority to use important application.
Associate individual with operating screen By recording a fingerprint and operation information, you can get an information of user's action. User was authenticated to do necessary work such as perusal of a required file, and performs individual specification of an operation screen.

Feature of KTSS
Compliant to a fingerprint authentication device.
It can use separately or multiple. It is possible to use in accordance with necessity.
Each tool can collect information through an Illegal View.
It cannot stop except an administrator.
There is no change between server connection and local use.
There are not any changing between server connecting environment and local environment.
It can use on any Windows version. (Server needs upper than Windows2000)
It can share fingerprint information.
External programs (a customer's system etc.) can make the most of KTSS by opening an interface
- Use fingerprint authentication function.
- Record important information.
- Use an interlocking function.



MenteMente for Web
Remote Control of a Remote PC on a Web

Remote Control Over a Network while only Requiring License on One Side
MenteMente is a tool for operating a personal computer at a remote location from a local personal computer. The MenteMente engine is started up with the remote personal computer. The role of the MenteMente engine consists of receiving desktop information from the OS (Operating System) , and transferring key or mouse input to the OS. The browser is started up with the local personal computer. When the URL of the remote personal computer is specified, t he Java Applet receives desktop information from the MenteMente engine and displays that information in the browser window. In addition, key and mouse input made for the browser window are sent to the MenteMente engine. Communication between the MenteMente engine and browser is in the form of socket communication according to TCP/IP. Since all that is required is for a packet to be delivered, two machines can be connected directly on an LAN, two machines can be connected via telephone line by using a dial-up function, or two machines can be connected over the internet. In addition, since MenteMente is operated from a browser, it is not necessary to install the software in both PCs. In the case it has suddenly become necessary to perform maintenance on an outside server, or when it is necessary to process PC data located at your home or office while traveling, you can access that PC either from a remote PC at your location or from an Internet connection service.

Note : Remote control cannot be performed when the power supply of the remote PC has been interrupted or when not connected to the Internet. In addition, in the case the PC at the connection site uses a dial-up function, it is necessary to confirm the IP address when connecting from a remote location.

Remote Control Over a Network for Maximum Performance
MenteMente incorporates various technologies to enable a remote personal computer to be controlled easily and comfortably. The following provides an introduction to some of the more important technologies relating to image processing. In the case the remote personal computer is of the 1024*768 desktop size, its image information is equivalent to about 800,000 pixels. Although varying according to the number of colors used, this results in about 800 kB to 3 MB of data. If this amount of data was transmitted normally, a considerable amount of time would be required until completion of transmission to the destination. In the case of connecting at, for example, 64 kbps, it would take from about 2 to 7 minutes. With transmission times like this, remote control would be essentially impractical. As a result of seeking a way to send desktop information as efficiently and quickly as possible, MenteMente is equipped with our original image extraction technology, image compression technology and image Cache technology.

Image Extraction Technology
This technology allows the amount of data transferred to be reduced by sending only the essential portion of that data when sending desktop information to the destination. More specifically, by monitoring the status of changes in the desktop, only the range of changes in the desktop are extracted at regular intervals and sent to the destination.

Image Compression Technology
The amount of data that is transferred can be further reduced by sending image information after first removing any redundancy contained in that information when sending the range of change in the desktop to the destination. More specifically, images are compressed and the results of compression are then sent to the destination. An original compression method is used for compression that is the culmination of years of research in this field.

Image Cache Technology
The amount of data can also be dramatically reduced by not sending data that is the same as image data that has previously been sent to a destination when sending compressed image data to that destination. More specifically, both the sending and receiving sides are provided with image Cache memory, and image data that has previously been sent is stored in that Cache memory. Later, when that same image data is required, the image data contained in Cache memory is used without sending that data.

Use of the Number of Coors According to the Application
MenteMente supports two color modes consisting of a fool-color mode and a 64-color mode. In the full-color mode, since desktop image are processed in full color, images can be transferred to a destination in their original form such as when displaying illustrations, photographs and other color data. In the 64-color mode, since desktop images are processed after attenuating the colors, the amount of data can be reduced by half, enabling that image data to be transferred rapidly to a destination. This results in rapid response and improved operability. Although the 64-color mode is comparable to the full-color mode in the case of displaying simple image such as tables and text, attempting to send photographs and similar image data in this mode causes the images to lose clarity.
In the case of actual operation, the 64-color high-speed transfer mode can be realized by entering “/lite” at the end of the URL address of the remote destination when starting remote control.

File Transfer Using an FTP Function
In the case of an ordinary remote control function, files updated and created by remote control cannot actually by sent and received by the local PC. Therefore, the addition of an FTP function makes it possible to realize file sending and receiving functions between the remote and local PCs.

Note : It is necessary to turn the server’s FTP function on when using the FTP function.

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