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Track Record and History
Decided to conduct OEM supply of "Memte-Mente for Web" to SOURCE NEXT
Began sales of "Map-Map for Web" in cooperation with Central Japan Airways Ltd.
Developed "Map-Map for Web"
Established branch office in Bangkok, Thailand
Client : Fuji Bank
Delivered Product: Emulation Library
Summary: A basic system written in OS/2 was transplanted without having to alter the Windows RNT platform source. As a result, in addition to being able to promptly resolve deliveries regarding the Y2K (Year 2000) problem, system rebuilding costs initially projected accompanying alteration of the platform were successfully reduced significantly.

Developed"Mente-Mentefor Web" Internet-compatible online maintenance tool
Developed and sold the "Map Search System" This system was sold by NTT Eastern Japan through its sales agents, and has been employed at the Soka Fire Department.
Client: Kumagai Gumi
Delivered Products: C/S System, Emulation Library
Summary: A distributed processing DB system was contracted that connected the company' headquarters with its branches. The basic system consisted of 50 servers and 200 clients. An existing DOS integration system developed on the H-98 was transplanted directly to a new Windows 95 system using the Emulation Library. In addition, a fixed printer was made to be compatible with all printers by using the Emulation Library for Windows Printers. The transplantation of an integration system dependent on the unique high resolution of the H-98 directly to a time-flow Windows platform was thought to be impossible at the time. As a result, initially projected new development costs were able to reduce significantly. In addition to extending the service life of the existing system, a new integration system was also developed in parallel with this on Windows.
Client: CSK
Delivered Product: C/S System
Summary: A CIMA systems and numerous others in -house systems were installed at CSK, and systems were constructed for numerous other large corporations through introductions by CSK.
Client: Sumitomo Trust & Banking
Delivered Product: C/S System
Summary: Construction of an in-house system working in collaboration with a mainframe.
Client: Sanyo Denki
Delivered Product: Private TV firmware
Client : Alps Electric
Delivered Product: Driver
Summary: Development of a touch panel driver
Client: Citizen Watch
Delivered Product: Driver
Client: Tajima Kiko
Delivered Product: Total vehicle inspection and maintenance system
Client: Data Pacific
Delivered Product: Word processor testing and instructional software
Client: Alpine Electronics, Inc. Delivered Product: Accounting and financial management system
Client: Fuji Meat
Delivered Product: Accounting and inventory management system
Client: Fuji Bank
Delivered Product: AuditCon System
Summary: Development of an automatic execution system
Client: Enshinji Temple
Delivered Product: Ecclesiastical management system
Client: Itochu Himech
Delivered Product: Invoice management system, agricultural machinery
management system
Client: Itochu Himech
Delivered Product: Delivered vehicle and part management system
Summary: Began development and sales of the "Mente-Mente" online maintenance tool for installation at all "Mente-Mente" newspaper stores, began package sales and began licensed sales activities.
Client: Kumagai Gumi
Delivered Product: Simulation system
Summary: Commissioned development of a simple racing circuit design system. This system allowed the obtaining of maximum speed, lap time, braking points and other information of a completed racing circuit simply by entering data.
Client: Casio Denshi Kogyo
Delivered Product: Page printer firmware
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