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Emulation Library OS/2 Emulation for windows NT/2000, High - Resolution Emulation for windows 95/98, Printer Emulation for windows 95/98 /NT/2000
Emulations make it possible to operate in a different environment without changing the source. Ordinary emulators have problems with speed since them operation while emulating a little at a time. Our OS/2 emulation realizes direct operation on the windows platform by compiling the source of an OS/2 application with Visual C++. As a result , an OS/2 application can be used with the look and feel of Windows. Our high-resolution emulation allows applications fixed at high resolution on members of the NEC H-98 series to be transplanted to Windows in major PC /AT-compatibles. Our printer emulation enables DOS applications output to specific printers to be output to Windows printers. The resulting performance is equal to or better than the DOS application in term of both speed and printing quality.

Client Servers Integration System for Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Our integration system uses Oracle 8.0.5 to rapidly and efficiently handle integration data as well as allow stable operation even in joint work by a large number of people. As a result, this system realizes queries by SQL and high -speed batch processing by the user using stored programs. The use of the 0040 (Oracle Objects for OLE) application interface makes it possible to provide highly reliable service access. In addition, object data can be shared by multiple base servers using Oracle's replication function, enabling nationwide object searches and evaluation of received orders.

Data Searching Map Search System for Windows 95/98/NT/2000, Map -Map for Web for Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Our Map Search System is highly practical system that performs high-speed processing of the data of electronic residential maps provided by Zenrin Corp. Location searches can be performed extremely rapidly as a result of employing a system by which Access data is read via DAO. Moreover, searching becomes easy by creating various other relational databases with Access. Map- Map for Web realizes a high-speed GIS over the internet. Despite stand-alone capabilities similar to those of the Map Search System, this product realizes highly practical and high-speed searching on the Internet.

Remote Control Mente-Mente for MS-DOS/Windows3.1, Mente-Mente for Web for Windows 95/98/NT/2000
Mente-Mente is an online maintenance tool that enables remote control of a PC at a remote location from a local PC using an LAN or telephone line. Keyboard and mouse commands of the local PC are processed as if they had actually been entered from the remote PC, and the display contents of the remote PC are displayed as is on the display of the local PC. Memte-Mente for Web is compatible with TCP/IP, and is a tool that allows precise remote control of a remote PC with a browser.

Automatic Execution Audit Trail System for MS-DOS/NetWare/Intranet Ware Servers
The Audit Trail System is for periodically and automatically detecting the presence of unauthorized access on Netware and Intranet Ware servers. In the case of an unauthorized access, the system provides a detailed report of the location of the access and how the access was made. Netware and Intranet Ware servers maintain a detailed record of client access internally. A tool known as Audition is available for examining those records. However, since the access records of a server are both complex and of considerable volume, the task of having to search through that data to determine if an access is unauthorized is essentially difficult. Therefore, the Audit Trail System automatically tracks down an unauthorized access for Audition.

OS/2 Emulation Library
AS a result of running OS/2 application programs on Windows without using a Windows emulator, there is a considerable difference in execution speed as compared with conventional emulators. As a result of compiling using the KDTS Emulation Library without changing the source, applications used on OS/2 can be transferred directly. OS/2 emulation is composed of several DLL and EXE, and the functions of their modules operate just as if they were operating on OS/2 version 2.0. Since existing obsolete sources can also be used as is when transferring to the latest Windows platform, this emulation library offers significant cost advantages when transferring large-scale systems.

Integration System (Large-Scale Client/Server System)
In addition to enabling simultaneous work on multiple objects, the introduction of MDI provides intuitive and easily understandable operability as a result of being equipped with numerous types of docking bars. The integration system screen is composed of to types of docking bars and an MDI area. The two types of docking bars serve as the instruction area and management area, respectively. The instruction area is comprised of the combination of a work tree that indicates what object is present, and a processing tree that indicates what processing is present. Each type of processing can be started up by clicking the target object from the work tree and the desired processing from the processing tree.

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